Regalia | AW21

Regalia | AW21

An escapist fantasy, the Studio Pia AW21 'Regalia' collection drew inspiration from the decadence and lavish excess of royal court dressing, bringing regal opulence to lingerie.


 Regalia was the second Studio Pia collection to be designed and developed during national UK lockdowns and restrictions. After a year of restrictions, the Regalia collection's lavish theme transports the wearer to a fantasy royal setting, with sumptuous fabrics and shimmering gems. 

Taking references from historical artworks, the British Crown Jewels and couture embellishment techniques, Pia designed seasonal embroidery that adorns the wearer with glittering golden chains and decadent gems. The bespoke embroidery is complemented with rich, jewel-toned peace silks, including our new signature Mulberry hue, inspired by the regal shades of purple worn exclusively by royalty. 

AW21 was the second collection to feature a fully recycled tulle, continuing our mission to create luxury lingerie with a conscience.

The Ranges

Adela 'Nobel'

Named after Adela of Flanders, Queen consort of Denmark, the Adela range is truly resplendent. Luxurious coral peace silk and ornately embroidered tulle represent the lavish excess of royal court dressing, with glittering golden chains and shimmering jewels framing every curve. 

Sofia 'Wisdom' 

Familiar styles were given an update with an ornately embroidered recycled tulle, adorning the body with realistic-looking jewels. The bespoke embroidery is paired with sumptuous Jungle green peace silk and couture-inspired touches to create pieces that are the epitome of regal elegance. 

Matilda 'Might in Battle'

Inspired by the British Crown Jewels and named after Empress Matilda, daughter to Henry I and claimant to the English throne, the Matilda combines daring design with textural elegance.

Petra 'Rock of Aphrodite'

Petra was refreshed in our signature Jungle green peace silk, evoking the shine of precious stones and the luxurious greens used for Henry VIII's royal livery. 

Clea 'Gory'

Clea was refreshed in our new mulberry hue, inspired by the opulent purple shades worn by Royalty.

 Shoot Credits

Photography: Ian Wallman
Makeup: Em-J Williams
Hair: Nicole Harrowell
Stylists: Grace Leivers &Amelia Nevitt
Jewellery provided by Piccadilly Vaults