The Team

Pia Harpur Conaghan - Founder & Creative Director

Pia has built the brand from the ground up, at first doing everything herself! 3+ years on, she now oversees all departments and is responsible for the business development, creative direction and design of each and every collection, including the bespoke embroideries we are known for.

Favourite range: Petra - "I got married in the bodysuit, and named it after Petra tou Romiou (Cyprus), the birthplace of Aphrodite, where we spent the day after the wedding."

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Laura - PR & Marketing Coordinator

Laura is the newest member of the team, tasked with spreading the word about Studio Pia! She's the person behind our social media accounts, and our press and marketing outreach. 
Favourite range:  Kana! The bodysuit is not only beautiful but perfect for styling as outerwear.



Imogen - Sales & Merchandising Coordinator

Imogen is the reason people love our customer service! She's on hand to respond to your sizing questions, she packs and ships orders, and keeps on top of the sales figures and data analysis. 

Favourite range: The Aphrodite collection - "It's my favourite colour palette!"


Marianne - Production Coordinator & Garment Tech

Marianne is the super-organised person who ensures our production runs on time and the products we receive from our factory are the best possible quality and fit.

Favourite range: Naida - "The design of the embroidery is so beautiful and I absolutely love very colourful lingerie, especially if there are hints of pink!"


Courteney - Design & Production Assistant

Courteney is a multitasking pro, assisting across design and production from pattern cutting and sampling, to fabric sourcing and tech packs. 

Favourite range: Clea - "She's daring, sexy, and complex (everything I aspire to be!) and was the first big challenge I undertook with Studio Pia, so will always mean a lot."


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