All of our embroideries are unique to Studio Pia, designed in-house at our London studio and made exclusively for us by European embroidery houses.

Our Founder and Creative Director, Pia, hand sketches the new embroideries each season, creating a story for each range featured within the collection. Our talented design team then turns the initial sketch into a digital drawing before being sent for production. 

Our embroideries are mainly produced in France by Maison Lévêque or Romania by Swiss brand Forster Rohner AG. We aim to source all our embroideries as close to the Romania as possible to help reduce their carbon footprints.

For our SS21 collection, we introduced a certified recycled tulle base created from post-consumer recycled polyester (provided by Maison Lévêque or Foster Rohner AG). We aim to have at least one recycled embroidery range per season. 

As with all our fabrics, we try to ensure as little waste as possible, designing embroideries with this in mind while still guaranteeing the motif looks beautiful from every angle when on the body. 

Despite careful planning, we occasionally end up with surplus embroidery. A surplus can be due to minimum length requirements from our suppliers or changes in wholesale demand. To keep this excess from landfill, we will revive ranges or create new styles. Reimagining ranges is one of the many ways Studio Pia works to improve our sustainability as a brand.


Suppliers addresses:

Maison Lévêque
1-3 Rue Curie
59142 Villers Outreaux

Forster Rohner AG
Flurhofstrasse 150
9000 St. Gallen