Ethical Ethos

'Luxury Lingerie with a Conscience' - What does it really mean?

We passionately believe that choosing ethical should never mean sacrificing style. Studio Pia was built to rival the best luxury labels in terms of design creativity, whilst ensuring our materials, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, delivery and legacy stay true to those ethical values. 

We consider sustainability at every stage of business, but we know we're not perfect, and we are always looking for ways we can minimise the environmental impact of our products, and support the ethical treatment of workers in our supply chain. We've scoured Europe to bring together materials of the highest quality, with the lowest environmental cost, and we continue to search for replacements for our less-than-sustainable components.




In the early design development stages, pattern and fabric efficiency is considered in order to minimise waste. Each season we design our own embroidered tulle, not only to create wonderfully unique garments, but because it gives us the ability to engineer it for minimum waste in the cutting process.

Adjustable sizing

Our sizing is another way sustainability has been a part of the design process from the brand's conception. This adjustable sizing system allows us to cater to many more sizes than fixed sizing would, and means that we don't get left with hard-to-sell sizes at the end of each season. For our customers, it makes finding the right size a breeze and reduces the chances of having to return or exchange. It also allows for weight fluctuations, extending the life of the garment and further reducing unnecessary waste.


We specify high quality construction for all garments to provide maximum wear. If you require a repair to a Studio Pia piece, we will always endeavour to help mend it.