Ethical Ethos

Luxury Lingerie with a Conscience

We believe that choosing ethical should never mean sacrificing style. Pia created Studio Pia to rival the best luxury labels in terms of design and creativity, whilst ensuring our materials, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, delivery, and legacy stay true to her ethical values.

Sustainability is considered at every stage of business, and we are always looking for ways to minimise the environmental impact of our products and support the ethical treatment of workers in our supply chain. We've scoured Europe to bring together materials of the highest quality, with the lowest environmental cost, and we continue to search for replacements for our less-than-sustainable components. The pride ourselves on the quality and ethics behind the materials we chose.



Pattern and fabric efficiency is considered early in the design development stage to minimise waste. Each season we design our own embroidered tulle, not only to create wonderfully unique garments but because it gives us the ability to engineer it for minimum waste in the cutting process.

Adjustable sizing

Our adjustable sizing system allows us to cater to many more sizes than fixed sizing would, and means that we don't get left with hard-to-sell sizes at the end of each season. For our customers, it makes finding the right size a breeze and reduces the chances of having to return or exchange. It also allows for weight fluctuations, extending the life of the garment and further reducing unnecessary waste.


We ensure our garments are constructed to the high-quality to provide maximum wear. If you require a repair to a Studio Pia piece, we will always endeavour to help mend it.


Organic Peace Silk

We only use certified organic peace silk, a type of real silk made without killing silkworms. The silk is dyed by hand using non-toxic dyes.

Bespoke Embroidery

Our unique embroideries are designed in house at our London studio and made especially for us by a French couture embroidery house.

Deadstock Fabrics

We endeavour to use deadstock fabrics where possible, usually in less visible areas of garments.


Nothing is more important to us than the people in our supply chain. We ensure all our machinists are paid a living wages and high standards of working conditions are maintained both at home and overseas. 

UK Manufacturing

 We operate a small atelier within our North London studio, from which our small team produce short and exclusive runs.

 European Manufacturing

Our Romanian factory has a team of highly skilled women who specialise in luxury lingerie. 


We make an effort to reduce and reuse plastics throughout the process, from production to delivery. For customer orders, we offer two packaging options; 'Basic' and 'Luxe'.

Basic Packaging

Your garments are wrapped in recycled tissue paper and shipped in a cardboard box. This option is fully recyclable.

Luxe Packaging

Your garments are placed inside a branded cotton dust bag, within a recycled card luxury gift box. We ship Luxe packaging in a fully recyclable cardboard box.


We consider sustainability in the branding and marketing choices we make.

Paper Materials

Swing tags, note cards, flyers and business cards are all made from recycled card and can be recycled.


We regularly exhibit at trade and press events and take part in pop-up shops. We choose paper goody bags, and freebies are usually edible in the form of branded vegan cookies.


When shipping materials to our factory we always choose carbon-neutral services. Finished products are sent back to us via land, emitting fewer greenhouse gasses than shipping by air.
For customer orders, we offer two shipping options; 'Standard' and 'Express'.

Standard Shipping

Orders are shipped domestically and internationally using the quickest available tracked Royal Mail/overseas national postal system service.

Express Carbon Neutral

Orders are shipped internationally using UPS's express carbon-neutral service.


We are all too aware of the environmental impact the fashion industry has on the world and being a part of that; we want to give something back.

One Tree Planted

As of April 2022, for every product sold on our shop, we plant one tree with Ecologi

Doing so is an effort to help combat deforestation caused by forest fires, livestock farming, the palm oil industry and illegal mining. Deforestation contributes to the habitat loss of some of the most endangered animals and has a negative impact on air quality.