Size & Fit

Studio Pia was founded with a fresh approach to sizing that is as much about aesthetics as it is about function.

You will find adjustability throughout each and every piece we create: from our bra backs, which have an adjustability range of 10cm to fit across three band sizes, to our basques, bodysuits, suspenders and bottoms which all have a range of at least two dress sizes.

This adjustable sizing system allows us to cater to many more sizes than fixed sizing would, and means that we don't get left with hard-to-sell sizes at the end of each season. For our customers, it makes finding the right size a breeze and reduces the chances of having to return or exchange. It also allows for weight fluctuations, extending the life of the garment and further reducing unnecessary waste.

To find your perfect fit, simply locate your usual size on the charts below and see which 'SP size' it converts to.

Our guides are suggested size only, due to the high level of adjustability and different fabric constructions. Some pieces can adjust further than others, and there may be differences between styles and seasons.

If you need any help finding your size or would like more advise on particular styles, please contact and our expert team will happily assist you.



Bodies & Basques

New, improved adjustability

Original sizing for Aurora + ranges released before AW21