Petra Amber | SS22

Petra Amber | SS22

Indulge in Petra Amber's silken splendour.
Sleek and structured styles are crafted from our new opulent Amber peace silk, inspired by the rich earthy tones found in 70s interiors and fashion magazines.


A range of 70s inspiration images featuring shades of amber

Earth tones dominated fashion and interiors during the 1970s, partly as a counter-reaction to the psychedelic colours of the 1960s and partly in an attempt to create a calming oasis during a time of political and social upheaval. Many sought to surround themselves with muted and comforting tones that provided grounding, combining them with wood panelling, soft shag carpets and house plants to help create a relaxing escape from the outside world.

Additionally, the Green Revolution of the 60s inspired the back to earth movement of the 70s, with the first Earth Day taking place on the 22nd of April 1970. Concerns for the environment led many to reject the synthetic colours and textiles of the previous decade for natural fabrics and vegetable-based dyes, resulting in a more muted wardrobe.

After experiencing the global lockdowns and uncertain times, Pia was drawn to the comforting earthy tones of the 70s, inspiring our new Amber shade.

The Range

Discover sleek and structured styles updated with a new and improved fit, allowing you to wear your Petra Longline Bra and Bodysuit completely strapless. Perfect for styling as outerwear with our new Clea Collar in matching Amber silk. 

Amber peace silk bodysuit with balconette cups

Amber peace silk ethical luxury lingerie

 Silk strapless longline balconette bra in amber peace silk

Amber peace silk robe with matching lingerie

Amber peace silk bralette with matching high waisted thong

Amber peace silk knicker and matching peace silk accessories

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