Arcana | AW19

Arcana | AW19

Inspired by modern witchcraft and Frances F. Denny’s ‘Major Arcana: Witches in America’ photography project, the AW19 'Arcana' collection celebrated women who embrace magic and the mysterious.


Pia translated the themes found throughout Denny's work into magical graphic embroideries, featuring swirling snake familiars and realistic golden chains. Peace silks in signature Jungle green and a new golden shade provided the perfect Autumn/Winter colour pallet, evoking witches' ability to harness the powers of the natural world and referencing the lush backdrops found in Denny's photography.

The Ranges

Jalsa 'Celebration'


Barely-there shapes where paired with sheer tulle embroidered with realistic chains, revealing and framing the body. Complimented with Jungle green peace silk and 24k gold plated hardware, Jalsa made for a truly magical range.

Naga 'Serpant'

Naga's swirling snake embroidery evokes the myths of snakes being witches' familiars, guardians of knowledge, transmitters of magic, and even witches themselves. Naga became a cult classic and returned in 2021 as part of our Continuity range. 

Thara 'Wealth'

Illuminating, sacred and durable, gold is often associated with the sun and the highest stage of spiritual development. With structured golden silk and peek-a-boo panels of delicate tulle embroidered with chains, Thara evokes the power of gold for a truly radiant range. 

Clea 'Glory'

 Clea's seasonal revival in striking Ivory evoked the spirituality, illumination and protection associated with witchcraft. 

Shoot Credits

Photography: Benjamin Kaufmann
Model: Erica Sarah Carrubba
Makeup: Julie Jacobs
Hair: Cher Savery
Jewellery Supplied By Emma Ware