Daedal | AW18

Daedal | AW18

A year after her successful debut with the 'Jungle' collection, Pia launched her second collection for AW18. Titled 'Daedal', meaning skilful or intricate, the collection drew inspiration from the decadence and artistic intricacies of the Art Nouveau period. Building upon the most successful elements of 'Jungle', Pia created new-yet-familiar styles that went on to form the basis of our signature 'Continuity' Collection.


Focussing on Gustav Klimt's Gold phase, Pia transformed our signature floral embroidery with a Midas touch, creating ranges in classic black and ivory bridal options. The collection also saw the introduction of new, bolder ranges, which showcased the cruelty-free, organic silk-wrapped strapping and statement 24k gold plated hardware for truly show-stopping looks.

The Ranges

Soraya 'Precious Jewel'

Our signature bespoke floral embroidery received opulent art nouveau inspired makeover, adorning the body and lightly revealing and concealing for a luxuriously indulgent look. Named after one of Pia's favourite characters from The Kite Runner, Soraya has gone on to become part of our Continuity range.

Clea 'Glory'

Clea’s bold cut-outs and statement hardware cage the body, commanding attention and capturing the imagination. A customer favourite, Clea has featured in each season since launching, revived in a range of our signature silk shades. 

Ena 'Graceful'

Originally designed as a way to minimise fabric waste from the Soraya range, Ena's body framing harness strapping and 24k gold plated horseshoe detail went on to become a Studio Pia signature.

Bella 'Beautiful'

Updated and improved from the debut launch, Bella was released in classic Ivory and Jet black, perfect for any lingerie lover. 

Shoot Credits

Photography: Oda Bakkeli Eide
Models: Amun Ahmed & Lauren Kenny
Hair: Tula Louise Charles
Make-up: Stefania Bazavan