Studio Pia collections are produced by Atelier Bordelle Productions, a modern lingerie atelier based in Romania. We chose to work with ABP based on their high ethical and environmental standards.

Each highly skilled employee who works in the atelier is paid a fixed salary above industry standard for Romania regardless of daily output, and efficiency targets are incentivised with bonus schemes.

Whilst the ABP team is always striving to improve efficiency through refining production techniques and training, they do not work to meet daily quotas. Instead, production is planned against delivery dates with a focus on the quality of workmanship.

ABP believe in the power of strong relationships to build and maintain a team. Employees participate in regular team-building activities outside the atelier, training sessions and annual reviews.

In the atelier, staff members are encouraged to adopt a proactive attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit focusing on personal and professional development.⁠

The atelier is a safe, clean and spacious environment, flooded with natural light. Fully renovated in January 2019, the space is fitted with air conditioning and fully equipped with new machinery.

A member of the Studio Pia production team spends a total of six to eight weeks a year at the atelier, working together with the Atelier Bordelle Production technical team to undertake quality checks to ensure the
highest standards, develop our relationship with the ABP staff and gain transparency on the factory's day-to-day operations.


Atelier Bordelle Productions
Bulevardul Muncii Nr. 18
Corp B, et 3