At Studio Pia, collections are constructed to a high quality using some of the finest materials. We focus on using materials that are classified or certified organic and recycled. 

Organic Peace Silk

Peace silk is a type of silk produced without harming or killing silkworms.

Traditional silk manufacture kills around 6,600 silkworms for one kilo of silk, whereas peace silk allows the worms to hatch from their cocoons and complete their life cycle.

We only use the finest peace silk provided by Cocccon Crafts & Loom, a social entrepreneurship project turned organic silk company founded in 2012 by Germany-based Indian fashion designer Chandra Prakash Jha. 

Cocccon's ethical business and decentralised production model have helped generate employment in rural Indira, allowing silk farmers, spinners and weavers to work from their own areas, reversing migration to big cities and offering social and financial independence to local women.

The rearing of silkworms happens mainly outdoors amongst Arjun and Mulberry trees. Netting and natural deterrents such as neem oil are used to keep the host trees and the moths' food source free from pests and fungus. Not using chemical substances has helped regenerate hectares of local land and allowed cultivating rice and potatoes alongside the host trees. 

Once the silk cocoons are ready, they are placed indoors, allowing the silk moths to hatch out themselves or in some cases, the cocoons are pierced by well-trained staff to help free the moth and allow them to take flight and take part in local pollination.

Cocccon's degumming process uses 1/4th of the water required by conventional silk, and the use of toxic metals is not permitted during the process.

Cocccon promotes silk weaving on handlooms. Around 90 handlooms are in action at any time, and another 40 are reserved for peak seasons. 70% of the spinning and weaving operation is zero-carbon, thanks to a mix of manual and solar-powered looms.

Recycled Polyester Satin

SS23 saw the introduction of Boselli recycled polyester satin to complement our new and existing ranges made from peace silk satin. 

Boselli was founded in 1898 and is a verticalised company that controls the entire production process, from the yarn to the finishing of each fabric.

Boselli's control over the entire process allows them to monitor each production phase, reducing the use of water and chemicals and avoiding waste. Boselli has an internal biological water purification plant and a collection system for any spillage or leakage of liquid products placed under the departments to prevent even accidental pollution of the water table. Through a fumes purification plant, they treat the fumes to reduce the polluting load and to recover energy.

We use recycled polyester satin from their BOSELLI - ECO line, made with certified recycled polyester obtained by recycling plastic bottles.⁠

By using certified recycled polyester, we can contribute to reducing plastic waste and the use of fossil fuels. As with everything we do, our recycled polyester satin ranges maintain our high standards of quality and durability, ensuring you can love your Studio Pia lingerie for longer.⁠

Organic Cotton Jersey 

We use organic cotton jerseys for our gussets supplied by the German-based fabric company Lebenskleidung. Founded in 2008, Lebenskleidung works to sustainably produce certified organic and high-quality fabrics according to the highest environmental and social standards. Their small team regularly visit their producers in Portugal, Turkey and Germany, ensuring quality, checking transaction certificates and fair production. 


Suppliers addresses:

Cocccon Crafts & Loom Pvt. Ltd
124/4 R.No 11, Adityapur-1
Jharkhand, India - 811013

E.Boselli & C. Srl
Via Repubblica, 
80-22077 Olgiate Comasco (CO)

Leuschnerdamm 13,
10999 Berlin,