Kachō-ga Collection | AW20

Kachō-ga Collection | AW20

Introducing Studio Pia Autumn/Winter 2020, a stunning new collection inspired by the intricate designs of Kachō-ga and traditional Shikki lacquer work. Evoking the spirit of Kyoto's Kinkaku-ji Zen Buddhist temple, with its fusion of geometry and nature, this season brings together rich colours, striking shapes and an exclusive seasonal embroidery, celebrating Japan's flora and fauna. 

The Inspiration

A picture of a zen temple, Japanese maple trees and gold lacquer work

Pia often looks to the art world for inspiration, and the Autumn/Winter 2020 is influenced by the Japanese artistic genre of Kachō-ga/花鸟画 —also known as bird and flower paintings—and traditional lacquer-work, known as Shikki (漆器). 

Favoured by the court nobility and admired by Zen monks for their fine detail and playful poetry, Kachō-ga paintings often depict native birds, wild grasses and delicate blooms. These works of art were not merely depictions of nature; the flowers and birds displayed have symbolic significance, with layers of meaning hidden behind their arrangement. 

Shikki lacquerware also features scenes from nature, alongside stills from classical literature and elaborate patterns, painted using gold or silver powders to stand out against the vibrant red or black lacquer. Many believe that ownership and display of such objects indicates a level of sophistication and taste. 


Seasonal Embroideries 

Pia's moodboard, a close up of the new maple embroidery and panels of embroidery on a mannequin

Each season Pia sketches new embroidery designs by hand, creating a story for each range featured within the collection, while ensuring the motif looks beautiful from every angle when on the body. 

This seasons embroidery depicts a forest of maple trees and intricate Waxwing birds, capturing the essence of the bird and flower paintings. Stitched onto delicate tulle, the embroidery is paired with cruelty-free silk satin in rich gold, vibrant scarlet and jet black. 

In addition to sketching new embroidery, Pia also created new statement styles, including the harness quarter cup bra and cupped bodysuit.

The Final Collection

The Kachō-ga Collection is made up of four ranges, each featuring classic styles reimagined with our new forest embroidery, alongside the fresh new additions. Styled with custom facial jewellery with Ware London, this is a collection you'll want to show off, rather than hide away under your clothes. 

Noa "Love" 

Studio Pia AW20 Noa set made from red silk strapping and maple forest embroidered tulle

Noa's sheer panelling wraps your body in a forest of illusion embroidery. Bold shapes are trimmed with criss-crossing peace silk straps and finished with signature 24k gold plated hardware flair. 

Yuna "Gentle"

Studio Pia AW20 Yuna Bodysuit, made from golden silk and black embroidered tulle

Yuna's elegant golden birds flutter over your skin, gently sculpting and supporting in all the right places. A collection of some of our best-loved shapes, improved with a new cup to extend the size range. 

Kana "Powerful"

Kana's smoothing panels of structured silk contrast with glimpses of exquisite embroidered tulle, bringing together aspects of shapewear with couture-inspired touches, all wrapped up with a silken bow. 

Clea "Glory"

Studio Pia AW20 Clea Set, made from golden silk
A fresh take on our classic shape; Clea's bold cut-outs and statement hardware cage your body, commanding attention and capturing the imagination.

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