Introducing Flora | SS21

Introducing Flora | SS21

Introducing Flora, an immersive love letter to mother nature and the fourth range from our Spring/Summer 21 'Wildflowers' collection.

Designed and developed during the first UK pandemic lockdown, the Flora range channels Pia's longing for the lush gardens of her childhood, where she spent long summer days playing in nature. ⁠Evoking balmy greenhouses filled with verdant greenery and meadows of vibrant wildflowers, Flora is a playful range that perfectly encapsulates carefree days spent enjoying the great outdoors.

Inspired by her Pia's mother's books of botanical illustrations, the bespoke embroidered tulle features an array of British wildflowers, including poppies, daisies, buttercups, and bluebells. 

The Flora range features classic Studio Pia shapes, such as the longline suspender, balconette bra and bodysuit, reimagined with the bespoke embroidery and trimmed with our signature ivory peace silk for added luxe.

We invite you to discover Flora here